Cooking lessons with Nina are not about learning specific recipes, but rather they aim to provide:
-Confidence navigating the kitchen
-Familiarization with various produce and seasonings -Practice with cooking and thinking on your toes

Nina will instill you with common sense when cooking, which will give you confidence in the kitchen, encouraging you to create your own dishes.

Some past private lessons have included: Farmer's Market tours: Enjoy a private tour and shopping through some of the Hudson Valley’s and New York City’s best Farmer’s Markets. Learn to pick out produce and herbs and shop for the best quality that New York has to offer.

Pantry restructuring: Spend time with Nina re-organizing your pantry to better make use of your space and stocked items. Learn to organize in a way that is going to make cooking more accessible than ever.

Essential Kitchen Tool Shopping: Let Nina take you shopping for kitchen tools in order to make your favorite meals at home.